The largest molecular sieve raw powder and end products base in Asia.


The Techairs Co., Ltd. has cooperated with the Swiss company ZEOCHEM to form the joint venture-Jiangsu Zeochem Technology Co., Ltd. for manufacturing of all kinds of special molecular sieve adsorbent (3A,4A,5A,13X and special molecular sieve) required by PSA. It is the largest raw powder and finished products of molecular sieve production base in Asia.

ZEOCHEM is a subsidiary of CPH, a Swiss company with a history of 200 years, specializing in the manufacture of adsorbents. The company is with world leading molecular sieve technology and gained high reputation across the world for all kinds of molecular sieves manufactured.

Products Show

  • 3A molecular sieve

    3A molecular sieve
    3A spherical d1.6-2.5
    Static water adsorption capacity%≥21
    Crushing strength (N/particle)≥85
    Moisture content of products%≤1.5

  • 4A molecular sieve

    4A molecular sieve
    4A sphericald2.8-4.75
    Static water adsorption Capacity % > 21
    Abrasion% < 0.2
    Granularity %> 88
    Crushing strength (N/particle)> 70
    Moisture content of Products % < 1.5

  • 5A molecular sieve

    5A molecular sieve
    5A spherical d2.0-2.8
    Static water adsorption Capacity % 2 20
    Abrasion% <0.2
    Granularity %> 96
    Crushing strength (N/particle) > 30
    Moisture content of Products % < 1.5

  • 13X molecular sieve

    13X molecular sieve
    13X spherical d1.7-2.36
    Static water adsorption Capacity % > 23.5
    Static adsorption capacity CO2% >18
    Abrasion% < 0.2
    Granularity% > 95
    Crushing strength (N/particle) > 25
    Moisture content of Products % < 1.5