Equipment construction

Equipment construction

The equipment-based construction mode we promoted has overturned the conventional on-site construction mode by pre-fabricating and installing the device in a modular way in a professional factory, where it is put under pre-delivery inspection. It is then transported in modular form to the site for assembly. Equipment-based construction allows for more controllable schedules, greatly improves the quality of installation, and enhances the quality of the project while solving the land occupation and dispatching issues at users' construction site. The modular installation makes subsequent relocation of the equipment possible. Nowadays, our equipment-based construction has been applied in multiple kinds of equipment, including hydrogen production equipment, gas separation equipment, and dewatering equipment. We will continue to develop its equipment-based construction mode to provide better quality equipment for customers.

Equipment process

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Equipment-based construction advantage

  • 01

    More controllable construction period
    Factory installation, 24h construction, not affected by weather and other factors, more reasonable deployment of equipment and raw materials.

  • 02

    Engineering quality improvement
    Professional installation team, factory installation, welding, paint spraying, and pre-delivery inspection, including leak and pressure test, instrument commissioning, and flaw detection.

  • 03

    Convenient transportation and assembling
    Modular design, easy and simple on-site installation, disassembling, and re-installation, designed to meet the dimensional requirements of transportation, easy to transport by road, rail, and sea.